Zenith suit


3d printed model

23,00 €

When the Independent Tau Colonies Alliance decided to extend its territory to other planetary systems, it moved to a remote galaxy sector in which a small yellow dwarf was the orbital home of a massive gas giant whom hid, thanks to a lucky tidal resonance, a small green swamp planet covered for the 70% by a mazy texture. Today we call those intricated frameworks the Sumaran Jungle. Jungle and swamp environment is hard to manage as battlefield and for this reason the ITCA Earth Caste makes the effort to develop a new warmachine line. High efficiency, eavy armour, full of high precision sensors, Zenith Exosuit is the new horizon of the combat battlesuits.

Zenith Exosuits are equipped with extra armours, the ventral shield protect the pilot from frontal attacks, both from long and close range. Arms and legs are also protected by extra armour plates and the taloned feet ensure high ground grip in harsh terrains like in the Sumaran Jungle. A high capacity chemo flamer combined with a composite energy shield and a medium range railgun make Zenith Exosuit the perfect warmachine to deploy in rude and harsh battlefields